Business Planning

Business planning is a living process that will help you achieve success. It can be considered in 2 stages:

Stage 1 is to build a comprehensive knowledge base of your product, environment, competitors and customers (clinicians, payers and patients). It is important to be as objective as possible – know the facts and be clear about where you are making assumptions.

Stage 2 is to develop your business plan or brand plan. Your plan should build on the guiding principles and conclusions from Stage 1. In addition, stage 1 should enable you to set realistic objectives, and decide on the strategies most relevant to your brand. Included in stage 2 will be an outline of your resources, planned projects and the key measures for success.

DesignDriveData has extensive experience building business action plans in both large blue chip organisations and smaller start-up companies. Also, DesignDriveData are truly independent. We offer an opportunity for an external expert to look at your plans and give honest and constructive feedback.

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