Patient Groups

 Within the UK, patients and patient groups are important partners in deciding optimal disease management. Today they are less likely to be influenced by emotional arguments as they increasingly understand the challenge to the NHS of delivering cost effective care. Patient groups are often concerned with disease-specific care pathways, particularly ones that allow for differences between patients.  

The NHS reforms put a large emphasis on patient-centric care and, in an ideal world, clinicians should be aiming to identify what it is a particular patient wants and to deliver treatments or care to help them achieve it. Therefore, it is important that industry weighs up the patient experience  in all aspects of a treatment. Real world data can be generated through a range of different techniques and good quality real world data may be as useful to clinicians and payers as clinical data in some instances. When designing clinical trials, Industry should consider early engagement with patient organisations to define treatment or disease specific patient-relevant factors.

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