Payers want effective medicines that patients will adhere to. They recognise their value in keeping patients integrated in their communities and reducing the need for expensive interventions that result from poor disease management.

In response to escalating healthcare costs, countries continue to develop new processes for evaluating medicines and each country has its own criteria which must be met for approval to be granted. At a national level this involves organisations like NICE (England), IQWiG / G-BA (Germany), and the HAS (France)

In terms of market access the NHS operates at a national, regional and local level with ‘patient voice’ being a greater component of decision-making. DesignDriveData has enviable access to a strong network across the NHS and we can support your organisation to identify and network with the payers for your brand.

Many payers at a regional and local level are looking to Pharma to understand local demands rather than coming in with a ‘one size fits all’ solution and the ABPI’s guidance on Joint Working is useful in this respect.

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