Patient Centricity

The media is full of reports about our aging population and the associated increase in disease prevalence as well as the spread of unhealthy lifestyles. These and other factors are resulting in spiralling costs of healthcare. Those in charge of health systems are looking for solutions in a more patient-centred approach and are making patient outcomes the priority. Today there is greater focus on patient empowerment & shared decision-making (‘the active patient’) and on tackling health inequalities.

DesignDriveData can support you with the four key elements that influence patient outcomes:

  • Help seeking behaviour – the willingness of patients to get timely interventions in the appropriate healthcare setting
  • Patient-focused performance measures – Becoming better at measuring patient experience and analysing real-world data is critical to being able to improve outcomes
  • Patient-provider interaction – Effective interactions can result in improvements in a patient’s experience of health services, improved adherence to treatment, and better patient outcomes
  • Patient adherence – One of the critical aspects of self-management whereby  patients understand the need to adhere to treatment

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