Patient Adherence

The pharmaceutical industry spends a lot of money on clinical trials. These trials involve a very carefully defined and select group of patients. However, Payers are more interested in the ‘real-world’ efficacy and safety of medicines. How will the medicine perform in their patients within their health service? It is often in the real world setting that medicines can seemingly fail to deliver value.

Both the efficacy of a medication and patient adherence will influence the effectiveness of a treatment. Improving adherence can play a major role in achieving patient outcomes, and for enabling a better assessment of the value of a particular medicine to society

DesignDriveData specialise in supporting the industry to develop successful patient adherence interventions. To do this we develop a good understanding of:

  • The knowledge, beliefs and behaviours of the patient
  • The beliefs of those who influence patients (e.g. carers, social norms, Health Care Professionals etc)
  • The practical barriers to adherence.

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To access the NICE Clinical Guidance on Medicine Adherence follow this link.